Switch between multiple proxies in Chrome browser [ProxySwitchy Guide]

As we know there are many service providers which restrict the content availability based on the region from where it is accessed. For example, StarSports live streaming is available from India only and cannot be accessed from counties like USA. Region is identified based on the IP Address. So in order to switch between proxies and change your source IP, ProxySwitchy is the best plugin available for chrome.

Follow these simple steps to configure this plugin-

  • Search for ProxySwitchy in google from chrome browser and click on the first link from the search results.proxyswitchy
  • Add the plugin to chrome. Once it gets added to the browser, a globe icon will be added to the chrome toolbar.


  • Click on the icon and select Options from the drop down list.
  • On the configuration page, click on New Profile button and enter the Name of profile, Host Proxy and Port number of the country/city you wish to switch the proxy to. There is a way to know the proxy of countries/cities which i’ll show in next steps.

new profile

  • After you fill these three details, click on Save button. The profile will be saved and will now be visible in the plugin drop down list.


  • To activate the profile just click on the Profile Name and it will start working. The plugin icon will start glowing.
  • Now you can start accessing the restricted websites as it will take the IP address of the country you just switched to.

To search for Host Proxy and Port number, open the website FreeProxyList.

Select the County from list and click on search. The list of all available hosts will be displayed with their up-time. Look for the host with maximum up time and copy its IP address and Port number. This is the required Host Proxy and Port Number to be configured in ProxySwitchy plugin.



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  1. Tally

    Most of the IPs by this method are not working !