JetPack Subscriptions widget not showing Email Input textbox ! [Fix]

JetPack Blog Subscription is the best widget out there in my opinion to capture subscribers on your blog. Its easy to configure and encapsulates well with WordPress. What I have experienced is that with few themes like ‘Ribbon’, it has conflict of some css class which causes the Email input textbox to disappear from the widget.

To restore it-

  • Login to your wordpress admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins>>Installed Plugins>>Jetpack by WordPress>>Edit

  • Scroll and find –  jetpack/modules/subscriptions.php and edit it.
  • Once the file is open, find ‘class=”required”‘ and delete it. Click on update file.

Now open the website and email address input textbox should be back.

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  1. osmankhalid2005

    Excellent, and thank you

  2. yathish

    jetpack/modules/subscriptions.php has changed to jetpack/modules/subscriptions/views.php