Installing Sitecore Package ! [Sitecore 8.1]

To install a Sitecore package follow the below steps- (For steps on how to create a package Click here)

  • Select Installation Wizard from the Sitecore desktop start menu



  • Installation Wizard will open. Select ‘Choose package’ option if the package is already copied to Data\Packages folder or select ‘Upload package’ to upload the package from any local file location.



  • Lets try with ‘Upload Package’ here. Click on ‘Choose File‘ button and select the package from the file system. Click on Next and then on Upload.



  • Click on Next from the main wizard. Verify the details of the package and finally click on ‘Install’. InstallPackageClick


  • Package installation will start. In case the item already exists then it will ask for options- Overwrite, Merge, Skip etc which can be selected based on requirement. Options


  • After the package installation is completed, it will ask to restart the client.  That’s all, package has been installed and can be verified by going to the content tree.




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