How To Use Containers To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

An ever-increasing trend towards digital transformation has impelled every enterprise to reconsider their modus operandi. As the buzz around digital transformation services isn’t going to fade away anytime soon, it has rather got a lot more interesting as cognitive technologies are constantly evolving. Behind the success of every futuristic technology be it Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, or IoT, there is open-source software that acted as the foundation. Open-source technologies have gained huge traction among modern organizations.

New-age companies are rapidly transitioning from traditional and manual workflow to software that automates testing and runtime processes. Containers have evolved as a critical enabling technology that can propel their digital transformation initiatives. Deployment of applications can be done faster, smoother, and better after breaking an application into smaller and digestible modules. This blog will talk about how a docker container which is an open-source software development platform accelerates the digital transformative journey. Container technology makes enterprises become disrupters instead of disrupted.

How Is Digital Transformation Being Propelled By Containers?


Containers empower digital organizations that focus on delivering innovations and help them unleash true potential while catering internal and external demands. Enterprises adopt containers to become Agile by accelerating the delivery of innovative offerings and customer experiences. Kubernetes comes into the picture when containerized applications are to be managed at scale. Containers along with Kubernetes streamline access to infrastructure and manage the application lifecycle. Let’s check out the reasons that make containers a better choice for enterprises that are aspiring to become a pro in embracing digitalization.

  • Better Innovation and Agility

Inclination towards containers is not merely a technological change but rather a drastic cultural and mindset shift. Businesses are adopting container-based environments to turbocharge innovative practices in their operational workflow. Containers enable app architecture to evolve from monolithic to microservices to enable scalability, robustness, efficiency, and agility. To cope with the tectonic shifts in customer expectations, enterprises have started resorting to microservices to enhance delivery time and quality with a phased approach. Containers stimulate transformation by making deployment hasslefree and equipping organizations with necessary changes to help them move at a rapid pace. As a result, they enable businesses to innovate faster.

Takeaway – Containers drive innovative business practices with microservices that are the key to the digital transformation journey.

  • Better Integration and Optimization

Containers not only facilitate continuous integration and deployment but also accelerate the onboarding of applications, and help in deploying AI and data workloads. Modern development pipelines are robust and automated as the ultimate objective is to deliver reliable, secured, and fully tested software. Enterprises are aiming for resource optimization to make sure that the right resources can be efficiently used at the right time. Containers optimize organizational IT infrastructure in terms of cost and utilization. As containers are lightweight in nature they facilitate various different workloads to seamlessly run on the same physical or virtual server where containers optimize operating systems and servers.

Takeaway – Containers strengthen the collaboration among departments and teams; minimize the risks and costs involved in digital transformation through infrastructure optimization.

  • Seamless Flexibility and Transparency

As containers are infrastructure-independent they make sure that everything the app needs to run is bundled together from one site to another. Containers assure that applications are cloud-enabled and can be smoothly moved across the infrastructure. Containers provide flexibility and choice for enterprises to adopt a single, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment without chaos. Containers inject robustness in terms of rapid application deployment, provide the ability to deploy solutions in any environment, allow better portability, and scale deployments with flexibility. Containers play a critical role in digital transformation services through favorable business outcomes, automation, multiple cloud platforms, and legacy modernization.

Takeaway – Containers boost flexibility and transparency to enable hybrid and cloud-agnostic Information Technology.

When containers are unbolted, digital transformation is unleashed.

Enterprises are transforming through modernized IT platforms especially containerized environments to enable Agile development and drive innovation to keep up the pace with competitors that offer innovative solutions. Containerized architectures and platforms have become the focal points of the majority of IT strategies. DevOps is getting all the attention when applications can be developed at lower cost and time could be invested in developing applications that can increase business growth as against wasting the efforts on manual IT issues. Containers instill robustness in applications through automation with quicker release cycles. Businesses can have undivided attention towards DevOps and application modernization as testing, configurations, and troubleshooting become automated. When enterprises look for multiple cloud providers to expand bandwidth, containers are a way for their future.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customers demand continuous innovation at a rapid speed. Modern organizations require strategic software development aided by modern development and delivery processes to deliver exquisite experiences that live up to customer expectations. Legacy Modernization enhances efficiency and containers empower software to use automation for better-distributed computing capabilities that maximize the overall profit. Industry leaders and IT services companies are adopting DevOps and continuous delivery to fast-track digital transformation and innovation at scale. Containers drive a DevOps approach and enable scalability to help enterprises adjust to their fluctuating needs. Having said that, containers are setting off in a big way as they are pivotal in transforming IT service delivery for which the entire industry is waiting for!

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