How to save photos from Instagram on your Android device !

Well this is as simple as it can get. No tricks here.

Simply download the InstaSave app from Play Store. There are more than one app by this name, download the app developed by DStudio.



  • Open the installed InstaSave app.
  • Now go back to Home screen and open Instagram app. InstaSave app should still be open in background.
  • Scroll to the Instagram image you wish to Save. Click on the three dots you see on the bottom right of the image.
  • Select Copy Share URL option.


  • Now go back to the InstaSave app running in background. You’ll see the copied photo there with a download button on bottom right.
  • Click on that Download Button and the Image will be saved successfully. Done !


  • You can go to the Gallery and view the saved image in InstaSave folder.

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