Creating Sitecore content packages ! [Sitecore 8.1]

The best way to move content from one Sitecore instance to other or between different environments is by packaging items and then installing them to other instance.

Steps (Using Package Designer)

The steps are pretty simple for creating packages-

  • Select Package Designer from the Sitecore desktop start menu


  • Package Designer wizard will open. Select the option ‘Items statically‘ from the toolbar. This will open the content tree.



  • From the Content tree select the item\node which needs to be packaged. Now select ‘Add with Subitems‘ if you want to include all the sub items in the package or ‘Add Item’ if only the selected item needs to be added in the package. Then click on Next.



  • Now provide a Source Name. As far as I have tested this name is not shown anywhere so any relevant name can be entered here. Click on Next.



  • It will show you message that source has been added successfully.



  • The source will now be visible in the left pane of the package designer. Enter the optional details like Package Name, Author, Version etc and then click on the Generate ZIP option from the toolbar.



  • It will show the package name. You can update the package name if required and then click on the Next button. The package will be created and saved to the Data\Packages folder of the Sitecore instance.



For steps to Install Sitecore package Click Here.

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