Configuring Subsites on WordPress !


WordPress supports creation and configuration of subsites within the main site. These subsites work as completely new and independent sites with their own wordpress theme, plugins and database. These subsites will not be impacted by any error or downtime on the main site. Lets take example of

Main site–

Now, if you want to create a subsite like, then follow the below steps-

  • Login to your hosting cpanel and open File Manager. (We will be using Bluehost cpanel in this post. Most hosting providers have similar cpanel and features)
  • Inside public_html, create a new folder ex – demo.


  • Download latest version of and upload it inside the newly created demo folder-


  • Extract the zip file –


  • Once the zip is extracted, a folder named wordpress will get created with all the files and folders inside it. Select all the files/folders and move them to the root of demo folder.


  • Delete the earlier copied zip file. The demo folder will look like this-


  • Rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.


  • Now, open Domain Manager from your cpanel and go to subdomains. Create a subdomain and assign it to the newly created subfolder. This will act as the home/root of your subsite.



  • Create a new database for this wordpress site and then configure it. Open, MYSQL Databases from cpanel-


  • Create a new database-


  • Create a new user for the database- (any existing user can also be used)


  • Add user to the database and assign previleges-



  • Now the new db and user should be configured in wp-config.php. Edit the wp-config.php and add the details of db and save it-


  • Open the subdomain in browser and verify that the wordpress setup is up and running-


  • The subsite can be configured as an independent site with theme and plugins. The site is ready to use.

Note – If you want to configure a new domain with this subsite like then it can be configured using the addon domain. Check your domain provider for options.

Let us know in case of any issues.

Thanks for checking out.


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  1. Mohd Riz

    Great solution ! Will this effect the load time/performance of the main site?