Block/Disable CellBroadcasts in CynogenMod (CM 11)!

The CellBroadcast notifications are too annoying on CynogenMod 11. Disabling them from settings won’t work.
After some research and googling I finally found a way to block them on my Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 running CM 11 M8.

  • Open Terminal Emulator. Run the following commands in series.
1 su
2 mount -orw,remount /system
3 rm /system/app/CellBroadcastReceiver.apk

Reboot your device and the CellBroadcast messages should be disabled now. 🙂

Alternatively, you can disable CellBroadcasts using Link2SD app as well.

  • Install Link2SD app.
  • Open the app and go to Cell Broadcasts application in the list. Click on it and then select Freeze option from the Actions.
  • The app will be freezed and the annoying messages will stop immediately.


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