Blank thumbnails in Gallery ! (Issue Fix)

Blank thumbnails in Android Gallery issue occurs mostly with rooted devices after installing Custom ROMs. Well the reason can be dirty flashing of custom ROM or cache not properly cleared during installation. There can be other technical reasons as well which I am not aware of.

Issue (example):          

Screenshot_2015-02-13-16-59-57 (1)

There can be more than one way of resolving this issue. Below is the one which worked for me-


  • Go to Settings –> Apps –> All
  • Scroll to Media Storage app and click on it.


  • Now, click on the Clear Data option in the storage section of the app.


  • A pop up box will appear notifying you about the deletion of cache data. Click on OK .


  • Restart your phone. Wait for some time for the Gallery to reload the settings and data. The issue should be resolved 🙂

Please leave your comments/feedback if this resolves your issue.

Thanks for checking out !

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  1. Anonymous

    it works…thank you my dear… thank u very much..