Automate Disk Snapshots in Azure !

Abhimanyu Garg


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  1. Srinivas T says:

    Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.
    Looking forward to your article on encryption.

  2. kopper says:

    that is great now I would a way that when let’s say seven snapshots are taken delete the oldest one is that possible?


  3. that looks great for me, but if it’s not much to ask I would like a way to always have only let’s say 7 snapshots basically so when the snapshot number 8 is taken the first one is delete it in order to have only seven

    any idea how to accomplish that?

    I know this Azure Backup function but Azure Backup won’t support Windows 2008 x32 bits


  4. Thanks for your query. Yes you can certainly achieve it by creating another runbook which can fetch all the snapshots, then check the count and delete the oldest snapshot.

  1. December 16, 2017

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