Accessing shared paths with creds other than default Windows creds !! [Storing User Names and Passwords for Access]

In case you need to access a shared location on a machine in an unrelated domain which uses a set of credentials for access, you will have to setup those creds on your machine.

If you try to directly access that location/path, it will use your default Windows creds to access it and give you access Error.



Microsoft Windows provides a Credential Manager which can be used to store UserNames and Passwords for accessing Domains/Paths/Locations or Websites.

Copy-Paste the following command in Run window-

rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

It will open the Credential Manager where you can save the UserName/Password for accessing the location. When you try to open the shared location, it will use the saved creds and grant access.



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  1. Mark S

    Finally it worked for me. Was struggling to find a solution for this.