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Just another IT Engineer.

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About Me:

I’m Abhimanyu Garg. My friends call me “Abhi” and it kind of stuck. Some call me “Manyu” and I love it, thats how I came up with TechManyu.

I am an IT Professional working day in and out to cope up with this extremely fast paced Technology race. I became a part of this race in 2011 and have seen myself learn and grow over the years. During my 8 years of IT experience, I have worked as Technology Analyst with Infosys, Cloud Integration Lead with Saviynt Inc and currently working as Senior Consultant with SAP.

Started this blog as a way to share what I do, what I learn and what all interests me.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

Skills AWS | Azure | GCP | C# .NET | REST APIs | MySQL | Web Development | Requirement Gathering | Identity & Access Governance | Cloud Integration | Java | Docker | Apigee | ELK | Splunk | Zabbix | NewRelic

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